You’d think the garbage that is morning radio would have stayed there. But no, some genius came up with the idea for a TV show called Dish Nation. This involves some of America’s “funniest” morning show teams cracking wise on the celebrity news of the day. As you can imagine, it’s awful. And the worst of it is Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill, from WPLJ in New York. If their lame shtick wasn’t bad enough, they look like Siegfried and Roy after a trip to the cosmetics counter. Listen as Joel and Corey playback a recent episode of Dish Nation and comment on Scott, Todd, the ridiculous black show from Atlanta, the breakdown of ages and predefined roles of the hosts, and everything else that makes it so awful. Plus, thoughts on the recent election as Corey gloats and Joel is waiting hours at the polls – another example of how the government isn’t working. Also, Corey loves a sausage, Chicago-style pizza should stay in Chicago, and Joel’s knowledge of TV anchor babes is put on public display.



Scott and Todd are joined by the inspiration for their look – Lady Elaine Fairchild