Do comedians regret their comedy bits? Sure. Sometimes. That is the finding of a New York Magazine article and that sentiment is shared by Joel and Corey Hall on this show. Not that the hosts object to what they’ve done on moral grounds – Joel just thinks it hurts the show sometimes. Hear what the famous comics had to say, Joel and Corey share the jokes they’ve dropped over the years, and why they think the PC culture of today makes so many subjects taboo. Also, gives a brief Juggalo Gathering report including the mainstream movie featuring ICP and the surprise star, Clownvis Presley. Plus, Every Day is one of the worst movies ever says Joel, the new Mission Impossible is more of the same, Corey’s “woke” movie minute, and Joel says Sharp Objects is must-see TV and HBO’s Succession is a unwatchable heap that all the cool kids like.


Every Day was a terrible movie. Needs more Juggalos