Last year Joel interviewed author Steve Miller and it was the most popular show in the podcast’s history. Now, Steve is back with the release of his new book, Juggalo: Insane Clown Posse and The World They Made, a thoroughly researched history of the band, its fans and the misconceptions the world has about them. Steve ‘s book skewers the FBI report that labeled Juggalos as gang, talking to the the lawyers on both sides and the young people who were harassed and punished as a result of their fandom. Joel discusses his own experiences in working for ICP, why the media usually gets Juggalos wrong, and why this book is one of the few journalistic efforts that gets it right. Joel however is somewhat miffed about his pretentious photo credit, a goof in an email that made it to print. Also, find out why Faygo went on record with Steve, the real tax dollar costs of the government’s Juggalo investigations, and get a journalist’s description of the Joel Radio studio – it’s not pretty.