As the summer movie season winds down, a few questions have to be asked. Like how much does the third act of Funny People suck?; and how much Joel and former co-host Corey would like to jump on Aubrey Plaza. Via telephone, Corey actually offers up a different nerd-jerkoff fantasy, in web video vixen Felicia Day. Who’s hotter and what’s the verdict on Inglorious Basterds and District 9? Corey has the scoop. Also, Harry stops by with his super-pug Sheshy, and the comedy that ensues when the dog gets near snack food must be heard to be believed. Plus, Big Brother gets wild and dirty, the Death Pool gets exciting, and meet your new favorite rapper, The Doughmaster.
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Aubrey Plaza vs Felica Day vs Sheshy – Who’s the cutest?