It’s a special occasion when our announcer Rob Rose can actually sit in on the show, but this is it. Rob and the guys discuss the Death Pool, as Joel cashed in recently with Freddy Fender. Corey speculates on what it’s going to take for him to win – a bomb at the Friars Club would do it – and what apparatus is keeping Dick Clark upright these days. We also get you caught up on Fantasy Football where Rob dominates and Joel is his greatest challenger. The second half is dominated by a fresh round of promo recordings for various other shows. Corey seems to hate every other show and lets the other hosts know. Joel prefers some tact, and just wants to be funny and promote the show. The ensuing argument, with Rob in the middle, is an all time classic. Is Corey the King of Dickville? Is Joel too soft on his competeters? Where the hell is Mulberry? All the answers are here.
Right click here to download – 79 minutes, 31 megs