It’s our 2006 Oscar spectacular as Corey, Joel guest prognosticator Debbie Schlussel predict this years winners. Nobody really cares though, as it’s all gay cowboys, trannies, and self-hating Jews this year (according to Debbie). Debbie’s a “conservative commentator”, a regular guest on Howard Stern’s show, and on the cable news channels. She has an opinion on everything, even politicizing which overpriced coffee shop supports al-Qaida. She also tells us who’s going to be the next president, what it’s like to appear on al-Jazeera, and why Oprah loves Gayle King. Plus, find out if Debbie would date either of the guys, and why not. Our longest (winded) show ever.
Right click here to download – 88 minutes, 37 megs. If you’d like a version of this show that will fit on a CD click here.
Debbie’s stock shot, by request.