Comedian and longtime pal, Sal Demilio sits in to break down the Super Bowl, late-night TV, and psycho-bitch astronauts. First, find out who won the big Super Bowl bets, and why Sal had a tough day of wagering. We then dissect the fued between George Lopez and Jay Leno. Why does George consider Jay a back-stabber and does George’s endorsement of Craig Ferguson weaken his argument? Hear George’s own words skewer the big-chinned comic. Also, how crazy is that astronaut bitch and what would a guy need on a 900-mile drive? And what’s it like to “shoot” in space?. Plus, the world’s ugliest comedy club waitresses, Faygo wrestling, jobs that get you laid, and Norbit is the worst movie ever.
Right click here to download – 78 minutes, 36 megs