Back in the studio for the first time in two weeks, and the guys are joined by comic Mike Lundy to sit in on the Roast breakdown and other bullshit. Firstly, a review of this show’s Hindenburg footage – Chill’s spot at the Roast. We dissect how the perfect disaster was formed on stage, how he could’ve possibly confused Corey and Joel and why refusing to give up made it the funniest moment ever. Also, why you you should never let your biggest fan get too close and why Corey and Joel’s biggest fan has to be someone who doesn’t know how to drive. Later, we go after accused joke thief Carlos Mencia. This time Mencia has allegedly ripped off a classic Bill Cosby bit. Hear them both and her the guys’ verdict. Besides, nobody does Cosby like Mike Lundy. Plus, more bad TV, Lily Tomlin’s incredible fight with her director, and Joel does Dustin Hoffman and it sounds like Jimmy Durante.
Right click here to download – 79 minutes, 38 megs
When Mike makes that face, he becomes the Coz