It should have been a wonderful return for 2013, but somehow Joel screwed up the recording of this podcast. It’s not all bad though, just a few minutes lost from near the end. But every dated reference and bad pun that was lost is sure to infuriate Corey Hall, whose tales of snack foods past must be heard in their entirety. Or guest Rob Rose, who shares his thoughts on TV and the assholes of 2012 that featured on the last two shows. Still, you’ll hear about more plans for Yellowknife, the movie Joel doesn’t like that movie as much as he’s supposed to, Joe Biden and Brent Musburger getting pervy, and the new low for celebrity reality TV. Plus, the Douchebag Hotline get its a new name, how Michael Strahan is almost impossibly worse than Regis Philbin, and let’s all go to Ghana (they’re paying). Joel’s New Year’s resolution: always record a backup of the show!