Being a road comic is a dangerous job sometimes, as you’ll hear on this show. Comedian Billy Ray Bauer returns to tell of a harrowing car accident he was involved in while traveling to a gig in Upper Michigan. Yes, it involved winter weather, but it was on November 1st! Hear Billy’s story, his stories of other road accidents in 35 years on the road – deer are not kind to Billy – and Joel’s closest equivalent road story which isn’t a big deal, but does feature hillbillys and a fire truck. Also, some good advice for new comedians on how to find work. Turns out befriending older comedians will get you far! Plus, Mrs. Fletcher gets pervy on HBO, Motherless Brooklyn gets reviewed, the movie dog lovers must avoid, and Joel’s “Fuck China” documentary double feature is ready to ruin your good time.

The actual car after Billy’s accident. Note the airbags. Scary stuff.