You asked for it fans – and remember that after you’ve heard it – it’s the Corey and Joel Roast, and it’s as evil as advertised. Russ Brown, the rostmaster, kicks things off in fine style with a hilarious set, before handing over the podium to Mike Lundy who thinks Corey’s movie reviews show an underlying homo tendency (he might be right). Crusty veteran Bill Hildebrandt steps up and would to tell the guys to get out of the business – if they were actually in it. Show fave Steve Sabo gets great laughs, as does plumber turned comic John Tortilott. Also, Comedy Castle manager Kevin Wheeler gets his shots in, a bizarre appearance from Hortense the Hand Puppet of Low Self-esteem, and our new weapon in the War on Terror – the comedy of Chill. Really, Chill does so bad we could drop his set on Iraq and they’d be singing “God Bless America” tomorrow. It’s so unintentionally hilarious, you’d think he was trying to fail. There’s nothing funnier than paying a tribute to your friends at the “Joery and Cole Show”. (Note: the rest of the Roast is below in show #113)
Right click here to download – 60 minutes, 29 megs
Russ Brown kicks things off