Corey and Joel have of lot of things to be thankful for this year, one of which is that they’re not Michael Richards. The washed up Seinfeld star blew a gasket on stage and committed career suicide with a racial tirade, and the guys are ready to perform the comedic autopsy. Who’s to blame: the crazy comedian or the jagoff hecklers? Just how many N-Bombs does it take to start a riot? Will this hurt Seinfeld DVD sales in the hood? Then it’s off to the movies with reviews of The Fountain and Stranger Than Fiction. Plus, it’s an actress round-up as Meg Ryan’s got damage, Cameron Diaz is dented, but yet Hollywood thinks Kate Winslet is fat. Also, banging Maggie Gyllenhaal can save your life, Letterman’s losing it, and Joel exposes his bitter hatred for Regis Philbin.
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