One of the most fascinating times in the history of stand-up comedy was the 1979 strike at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Joel and Corey are well read on the history of the strike, but were too young to have any first-hand knowledge. So this week, when a vintageĀ list of all the phone numbers of all the big future stars that participated in the strike found its way into the hands of your hosts, they couldn’t help but to call. Would Jay Leno answer? Any chance Garry Shandling picks up? Has Elaine Boosler changed her number? Listen as the guys find out for themselves. Later, their joined by Ken Sevara, a friend and fellow comic who lived through the strike, joins the show to share his memories of that time, gives his advice to comedians and shares his memories of Robin Williams. It’s a great, insightful interview with someone who lived through comedy’s golden age and lived to tell about it. Also, Joel gets another ten seconds of screen-time in a major motion picture – even though it’s awful, The Emmys become a “cool kids” clique party, Joel impresses a TV star, and The Simpsons get ruined again, this time in a whole new way. Plus, goodbye to Chelsea Lately, a show neither Joel nor Corey nor anyone with a penis actually watched.




Comedian Ken Sevara, and the list of all the strike participants from 1979 (click here for full size)