It’s sad when famous people die. But, if you chose them in this years Death Pool, then it can really soften the blow! Actually, Joel takes a few moments to remember all the highlights of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s life – driving a girl off a bridge, getting drunk on an overseas flight, banging a chick in a restaurant, etc, etc. Who’s gonna take up the slack when it comes to drinking and carousing? It’s a sad, scotch stinking tribute that only an Irishman could love. Then, Joel turns his sights to a world of comedy, where a comedienne is being sued for telling jokes about her in-laws. Seriously. But does she deserve it? Al Roker has an interview, but listen close, as the case may not be all it’s cracked up to be. What’s with the math jokes, Al? WTF? Plus, Steve Sabo’s thoughts on UFC 102, Joel meets Ken Shamrock, and Swedish + Black = comedy.
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Even from the grave, Sen. Kennedy checks out Sunda Croonquist