The idea was to interview talented female comic Laura Lou, about show business etc. Ninety minutes and many bottles of booze later, it became an aural orgy with drinks flying and tongues touching. The highlights are Corey losing the comedy competition to Laura, how Corey also failed to bang Laura’s sister, and Joel accuses Laura of killing a fellow comedian. Later the gang is joined by not one, but both of Joel’s female roommates, Kristina (of muff fame) and later the debuting Steffanie. Joel gets grilled about his situation – is is it all business or just monkey business? Is he raiding the panty drawer? Did Joel downplay the roommates’ hotness? What does Joel’s girlfriend think? Laura makes up for the bad vibes with liberal use of the tongue – and meets with varying degrees of resistance from the hosts. Guess who’s in and who ain’t? Sit back and enjoy the longest, drunkest show ever.
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Laura tips one back…and Kristina and Steff join the party