After last year’s wonderful show, we couldn’t not go back to to Motor City Pride. So we gathered up our recorder, Andrea the Intern and headed out to Ferndale’s gayest day. And despite the crappy weather, the homos were out. Among the highlights were the gay rodeo rustlers including Mr. Leather Cowboy; a brash and apparently well-hung underwear salesman; pot activist and Joel’s old college professor Marvin Marvin; and Detroit’s funniest lesbian, Heather, who tries to convert our poor little intern. Also, we catch up with the former Edith Uranus, now known as Ima Cornholer and find out why he’s always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Maybe it’s because he’s 6 foot tall with a beard. Still, Ima’s a comedic superstar and the new Queen of the Corey and Joel Radio Show. We also have update on the status of “Mr. Leather Michigan”, and why he wasn’t who we thought he was. We meet the the rightful titleholder and you’ll find out more about the leather scene than you ever wanted to know. Plus, a big announcement from city councilman Craig Covey! Listening will not make you gay.
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Mr. Leather Cowboy gets stern with Joel
Corey turns on Ima Cornholer