After seeing enough bad reality television, including Gordon Ramsay telling you your restaurant or hotel sucks, Joel and Corey have a new idea for a reality show – fixing people’s podcasts! Of course, that would involve travelling to many cat urine-scented living rooms of losers all over America, so it’s probably not that fun a job. Instead, the guys decide it’s probably best to stay in their own cat urine-scented living room and continue on with Joel Radio! This week, the guys bemoan the lack of anything interesting out of last week’s E3 conference. They look at Nintendo’s about face on motion control and the impending doom of the Wii U. in the video game world, Joel is annoyed with RPGs in general, while Corey is really excited to get to the end of Mass Effect 3 – whenever they decide to write a good one. Also, Corey says the new film Rock of Ages makes 80s hair metal even less enjoyable than it was before – thanks Tom Cruise! Plus, House Hunters is fake, bollocks to Baggage Battles, and a giant, monster-sized Prometheus spoiler-cast at the end of the show. Really, the movie will be totally ruined if you listen to the last part of this show! You’ve been warned!