After a refreshing holiday break, the guys return with the first new show for 2009. It is of course, Joel’s favorite day, the Death Pool draft! It’s Joel’s favorite because he is now a four-year returning champion, a fact he frequents reminds his annoyed cohorts. This years panel includes the hosts, announcer Rob Rose (who had a good 2008 run), comic Steve Brewer (playing for the first time) and Corey’s girlfriend Amy, who had no one die on her 2008 list but is back as a goodwill gesture to Corey’s sex life. It’s an extra-long show too, as the players re-think their keeper strategies, debate why women live longer than men, marvel at Rob’s affection for old codgers and wonder what the average lifespan is for a midget. Also, Brewer and the one young celebrity he just really hates, Corey steals Joel’s picks, Amy can’t remember names and why last year’s fan death pool winner is MIA.
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