It’s rare when there’s a new film in the (arguably) greatest science fiction franchise to talk about, so with the release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this weekend, Joel and Corey Hall set out to give a definitive review. Joel’s in some position to do that too, as he binge watched all eight movies in the series, including all five of the original films and Tim Burton’s forgettable 2001 remake before screening Dawn. Corey is also a big fan, joining Joel in splurging on some Blu-rays, and while both enjoyed the new films there are criticisms such as the pacing and the tone of the film not fitting with past episodes. Joel breaks down – and spoils ! – the timeline and plot of the series, pointing out where the new films dovetail with the old and how even the original films have paradoxes and alternate histories within them. It’s hardcore sci-fi geekery, as the guys tell you how Tim Burton’s film inexplicably changed the narrative in a way you may not have noticed and proceed to rank the Apes film 1 to 8 from best to worst (Mr. Burton, you may not want to listen to that part). Also on this show, Corey gives a definitive winner in the battle of Keith Urban vs Toby Keith – listening to both Country Music superstars and determining which is least awful, Joel extols the virtues of New York Pizza, and Miley Cyrus tries and fails to make a gymnastics outfit sexy. Plus, the guys hate Last Comic Standing and will tell you why it is the worst vehicle ever for creating a new comedy star and the hard-to-understand reasons why that is so.



Apes from the new movie – not a picture of Joel and Corey!

And the Mad Men/Simpsons/Planet of the Apes mash-up no one’s been waiting for