The Roast continues with final Roaster, PJ, as the bald monster goes Godzilla over the attendees, roasters and especially Corey and Joel. PJ surveys the audience and finally uncovers the show’s true demographic. Then Joel steps up to fight back, but it’s a feeble attmept. His best lines are reserved for German Superfan Nils, whom Joel blames a for lack of preparation. Hey, you babysit a 6’2 nerd for four days and tell me how many good jokes you can write. The evening concludes with Corey and his goodtime, sushine comedy, accusing one comic of smoking crack and imploring another to kill his wife. Corey really calls the kettle black with bald jokes and fat jokes, but unlike most guys they actually go over. Like most Roasts, it’s a funny, good-spirited time – only this one has less good-spirits. (Note: Part 1 of the Roast is show #112)
Right click here to download – 32 minutes, 16 megs
PJ smash!