In a wacky podcasting experiment, Joel takes his field recorder down to the New Way Bar in Ferndale, Michigan for open mike night. The New Way is a notorious venue for attracting an audience and holding their attention – and it was the coldest night of 2016 – so what you’ll hear on this show is perhaps not a typical night at the club, but a typical night isn’t great either. Hear host Amit Jain’s (abbreviated) opening set and hear how his controversial way of setting the tone is unique in comedy. Joel tries some new jokes, too. Those were OK, but he stumbles badly on the closer he’s done hundreds of times making for an awkward landing. There’s also appearances from Detroit area comics Tanner Oliver, Wes Ward, Paul Pipitone and Adam Hirzel. There’s also before and after interviews with the guys. Hear their approach to such a weird show, what they get out of doing shows like this and Joel’s opinion on getting loose at open mikes versus sticking to the script. Is it compelling podcasting? You be the judge. But it is a real, fly-on-the-wall visit to a show which on this night desperately needed an audience – and now it has one.



Amit Jain kicks off the New Way open mike to a packed house