Yeah, it’s the new TV season and we’ve got a ton of reviews of the new shows. Some are just returning faves like Curb Your Enthusiasm, which proves jack-off jokes told by guys in their 60s can still be funny (so listen to this show in 30 years). There’s also Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor and even Dancing with the Stars gets a look. We know it’s for old ladies, but DWTS has hot chicks and flamboyant homos – two staples of this show. You’ll also hear the new review system and how it relates to the backseat of your parents’ car. Also, Halo 3 hype, Corey loves junk food, Oscar De la Hoya in drag and the Meg White sex tape – oh, but it can’t really be Meg because she’d never do something like have sex and enjoy it or something like that, right?
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 37 megs
Corey’s face says it all about Halo 3 (and Mountain Dew Game Fuel)