This week MC Sampler returns to promote his new song and video. If you’re still reading this, there’s actually a lot to like on this show as Sampler doesn’t come in until the second hour, and there’s lots of good stuff in the first half with Corey and Joel. Like Joel’s second “big announcement”, a discussion of the idiocy of Paula Deen and her critics, the future of videogames, and most importantly a dissection of Wendy’s new pretzel bun burgers – a treat that will be oft enjoyed by one host and never purchased again by another. Then comes MC Sampler to promote his new song, “Fuck U Detroit”. While Harry (MC Sampler) has been on the show before to promote things, this time he’s got some really talented people helping him, like his video director Ryan, who joins the show to talk about the challenges of working with Harry, his expectations for the video, and his secret deal for Sampler’s retirement should the video fail. Joel and Corey add their own critique, including compliments for the track, ways for Sampler to get more hits for his projects and the possibility of expanding the “Fuck U” concept to other cities and people. MC Sampler may not be your favorite guest, but it’s a fun, fascinating discussion with a comedy one hit wonder who’s looking for his next big break.



Corey’s about to vicitmize a pretzel bun, while………………..


…………..MC Sampler drops his new single! And the brilliant work of director Ryan below…