This week’s Joel Radio hits of a variety of topics with guests Corey Hall and John Tenney. And with The Conjuring being the #1 movie in the country, paranormal researcher Tenney is an expert guest. Of course, none of the three guys on the panel thought the film was any good, either as a haunted house thrill ride or a fictionalized historical retelling. Also, Joel defines what a “comedy show” is, why many open mikes don’t meet the definition, and why John is, by definition a monologist and not a comedian. Plus, The “Pixar Theory” is complete bullshit – the Ferris Bueller Theory is much more interesting, Joel steps up to save the new Newlywed Game, and the Morton Downey Jr. documentary is a must-see. But lastly and perhaps most importantly, MC Sampler continues his media tour after show #110, getting savaged in a Detroit-centric blog, and most hilariously guesting on a local political talk show within days of Detroit’s historic bankruptcy. Hear Sampler’s ridiculous shout-outs to Joel and Tenney while the hosts lose their minds trying to get the wack rapper off the show. It’s comedy gold, and even if you didn’t like Sampler before, this clip just might make you a fan.



MC Sampler goes from Joel Radio to FOX 2 Detroit. See the full clip below – what a cluster!