What is the Corey and Joel Radio show?
– The show is a comedic talk show. It’s somewhat mean-spirited, but tongue-in-cheek. While the guys bust on everyone imaginable (celebrities, athletes, friends of theirs) they also take time to take shots at each other.

Who are Corey and Joel?

– Corey Hall is a contributing writer for Metro Times Magazine, Detroit’s leading alternative weekly.He reviews movies and interviews celebrities for the paper, and his work appeared in a number of other publications. A stand up veteran, Corey also performs at comedy clubs around the Midwest. Joel Fragomeni is a stand-up comedian who performs over 200 shows a year, in clubs all over the USA and Canada. He has performed with such comedy luminaries as Lewis Black, Greg Giraldo and Bobby Slayton. He is also the regular host of Michigan’s longest-running open mike comedy show every Thursday at Club Bart in Ferndale, MI. Joel is also famous for hosting the “Gathering of the Juggalos” every summer, as his alter-ego, the hilarious Upchuck the Clown. The annual Insane Clown Posse fan convention and festival draws tens of thousands of fans from all over the world.

How can I get the show?

– You can listen to the show with the built-in player on the main page of this site (this requires the flash plug-in). Just click on the little “play” button, and the most recent show should start to play, within a few seconds (this depends on the speed of your connection). A playlist will also be displayed and you can scroll through and select any of the past shows, or use the “fast forward/backward” buttons to select other shows. If you like the show you’re listening to, you can right click on the player and choose “save this song” and the player will save the show to your desktop!
As convenient as the player is, it is actually recommended that you download the files directly. This way you can save the files, burn them to a CD, listen later, etc. There’s links to download the files with each new entry on the main page of the site. Just click on the files to download (right click and “save as” in IE), and save them to your hard drive. The files will open with any software MP3 player like iTunes, the Windows Media Player, or Winamp.
You can also stream the show at www.podcastalley.com by clicking on “Podcast Player” on the show’s page listed here. You can also play the show online at Podcast.net, with a similar player.
How often is the show produced?
– There’s a new show posted once or twice a week, depending on the hosts’ schedules. One week three shows got posted. Who knows how many they’ll do?

Do I need an iPod to listen to the show?

– Not at all. Term “podcast” was invented by Adam Curry, the ex-MTV veejay, as a way to define downloadable radio content to a portable player, ie an iPod. Of course, You don’t need an iPod to play the show, just follow the directions above to listen on your computer. You can also burn the shows to an audio CD and listen in your car or wherever. The Windows Media Player and Nero will do a nice job here. Corey and Joel actually hate the term “podcast” because it is both exclusionary and inaccurate. They like to think of it as a downloadable radio show, hence the name.

How do I subscribe to the show?

– There’s something called a podcast “aggregator” which is a piece of software that automatically will check for new episodes of the show and download them for you. iPodder, jPodder, HappyFish and iPodderX (For the Mac) are some popular aggregators. The software will also automatically put the shows on a portable player (like the iPod) so you can take it with you.

What is the RSS 2.0 feed?

– This is a file (sometimes referred to as the XML file or “feed”) that the aggregators use to download the show. It contains information about the MP3 files and the descriptions of the show. For The Corey and Joel Radio Show the file is http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/index.xml. Just plug that URL into your aggregator to subscribe. This file is also used by the podcast index sites like Podcast Alley and podcast.net, to get the info on the show.
Why do you tell people to vote for the show on Podcast Alley?
– Corey and Joel tell people to vote on Podcast Alley because it increases the visibility of the show. Podcast Alley ranks the shows based on the number of votes each show receives. The shows are then ranked and listed based on these votes. Of course, the higher on the list, the more likely new visitors to the site will check out your show. It doesn’t mean the higher ranked shows are better, only that more people have voiced their opinion that they enjoy the show. To vote for the Corey and Joel Radio Show follow this link and then click on “vote now”. You’ll have to be registered to the site or give a valid email address to vote. You can vote once each month so feel free to vote and vote often!

What’s with the Toffifay?

– Corey often brings in various snacks and stuff during the show (he’s fat), and one day he brought in some Toffifay candy. Joel thought it was really funny because Toffifay is sort of an old-man candy that you never hear about anymore. They also had that annoying jingle back in the early 80s – “Toffifay it’s too good for kids!”, which is a really bad way to market candy, if you think about it. Corey also said he had to go to some out-of-the-way store to get the Toffifay, because nobody carries it anymore. After sampling the candy for the first time in a while, Joel agreed that Toffifay was an overlooked gem of treat and the guys started eating it and singing its praises on every show. The angry emails from fans started almost immediately.
Is the show really dirty?
– Not really. While there are no restrictions on this type of show as far as content, Corey and Joel are aware that some people listen to the show at work, or around their kids. They also know that someone may want to sponsor the show at some point, or offer the guys a spot on a regular broadcast radio station, where they wouldn’t be able to talk dirty. Therefore, there is a real effort not to swear, although show #8 went a long way to break that rule.
What’s with the Queensryche?
– Queensryche are a hair metal band who had their greatest success in the 1980s and early 90s. Neither Corey or Joel is a fan (although Joel attended a concert once, he was stoned), but the band’s biggest fan is friend of the show and guest PJ Butland. PJ called Corey’s voicemail after the first show to complain about the amount of racial content in the show. Corey and Joel were a bit shocked to hear that anyone listened to the show, so they tried to placate their only fan by playing snippets of Queensryche every time either one said something offensive. This started on show #2 and there was much ‘Ryche played ever since. It worked so well, that by the time that PJ was the guest on show #8, he was so relaxed that he was completely racist and offensive, just like the hosts.
How can I get a hold of the guys?
– You can email the show at email@coreyandjoelradio.com. Send us compliments, insults, show ideas, porn links, whatever. If you’re email is funny or interesting we may even read it on the air. Right now, we don’t have a voicemail or phone line, but that may be added in the future.