A long-time friend and collaborator, comedian Steve Brewer makes his Joel Radio debut. And it’s a good week for it, too, as director Roman Polanski went and got himself arrested in Europe and may have to return to face the music in the US. Even though most of Hollywood wants to forgive him, Joel reiterates the facts of the case and how what Polaski did to a 13-year-old girl can only be described as a “rape, rape” – sorry Whoopi. Also, Steve announces his retirement from The Funhouse, why he won’t work for Psychopathic Records anymore and the challenge in entertaining the Juggalos. Plus, the CBS sitcom debate heats up as a fan agrees with Joel on How I Met Your Mother, while Brewer beds with Corey on The Big Bang Theory. Who’s right, and who’s wrong? Listen and decide.
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Steve, in happier times, at Long John Silver’s