Joel returns from his vacation to sunny Southern California and found it an excellent place to spend his money. He rented a nice car, stayed in nice hotels and had drinks next to C-list movie star! The American dream! Hear about Joel’s expensive sushi dinner, the greatest place in the world for a hike, running in to a “famous” comedian/acquaintance (which did nothing to impress Corey Hall), and how he can be seen on national television – for watching wrestling. Also, Joel sees Baby Driver in the immersive 4DX in L.A., but hear how moving seats and simulated bullets whipping past your head doesn’t really make you like a film that much more, even though Corey though the movie was great. Plus, the new Gong Show is better than expected, the new GLOW is better than the old GLOW, Battle of the Network Stars is only good for a half-awake Tom Arnold, and Joel really doesn’t get Get Out – it’s the best movie you’ve ever seen, if you’ve never, ever seen a movie.


Joel’s amazing view in Rancho Palos Verdes


Joel and Heather at New Japan Pro Wrestling in Long Beach


Look for Joel 25 seconds into this highlights package and whenever there’s action on the floor. What a seat!