It’s a landmark day, as German Superfan Nils launches a blitzkrieg on the studio, living out his dream of trading jokes with American fat guys. Is he the first funny German in history? Announcer Rob “The Fogcutter” Rose steps up to defend America’s honor, and gives the invader one right between the eyes. Nils has also brought enough German candy to rot all of America’s teeth, and we sample them all. Plus, we finally read Lauren’s term paper report on the show (see show #98), and its a shocker. Fortunately, a surprise guest steps up to defend Joel’s honor. Also, why did comic Richard Jeni blow his brains out? Was Platypus Man really that bad? All this in a wild, 80-minute show.
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 38 megs
Corey pigs out
The mother lode of Deutch treats
Steff comes in to defend (wine in hand)
Nils is the coolest, isn’t he?