Joel Radio is proud to return to one of its most successful and audience-pleasing bits – having a girl on the show. And not just any girl, but the roller derby racing, joke tellin’, roller coaster ridin’, Lauren. While her exploits with the Detroit Derby Girls and adventures in the male-dominated world in comedy are interesting, Lauren brings a unique, “missed it by that much” story about not banging Zach Braff. Seems the former Scrubs star put on all the right moves, according to Joel and Corey anyway, but there would be no Garden State-esque romance for the two. Find out why it didn’t happen and why Lauren isn’t pursuing Ryan Gosling despite an opportunity, hear awful things that get shouted by guys at gas stations, and what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the worst, most offensive pick-up text message ever. Also, hear why Joel doesn’t think Corey should plan a visit to Cedar Point, Corey’s recent disappointment with a musical hero, and somebody thinks The Hangover 3 is the worst movie ever – that person is America. Plus, Joel watches the most tear-inducing movie ever, and the return of Arrested Development gets a mixed review from the panel – one who saw it and kinda liked it, one who wants to see it and one who doesn’t care.




Lauren reps ‘N Sync and and the universal (?) symbol for lady partsĀ