The Olympic Games in Rio have mercifully wrapped, and Joel and Corey Hall have seen enough. Joel really didn’t watch any save for one Usain Bolt race, and Corey tried but couldn’t find the Judo. And with moron douches like Ryan Lochte in the games, it seems like the right amount. The guys discuss the chaos that Lochte caused in Rio, the amount of condoms distributed to the athletes and why Joel finds the estimated amount of sex going on in the Olympic village to be ¬†highly exaggerated. Corey disagrees saying, unbelievably, that even places like Comic Cons are hotbeds of wild sexual activity. It’s spirited argument, and nobody really wins but you’ll enjoy listening. Also, Larry Wilmore’s show gets cancelled, Sausage Party is a good time says Joel, and why Corey is sticking with the iPhone no matter what. Plus, goodbye to Kenny Baker and John Saunders, the 90s old man sitcom remembered, nighttime in Detroit is captured in a wild video, and Corey sees Suicide Squad so you don’t have to.