Still smarting from the dead pool tragedy, Bill Bushart returns, taking a break from his kickboxing class long enough to kick ass the old fashioned way: with a microphone. He joins us in breaking down the Oscar nominees and an other show biz idiots. ESPN host and football meathead Sean Salisbury blurted out an anti-semtic quip,is that Kosher? Do any Jews even play football? Speaking of Jews, our old friend Debbie Schlussel gets voted one of the top “Hebrew Hotties” by Am I Is that really an honor? And what truly tasty babes did Deb actually rank higher than? Corey reviews a load of lousy movies; Will Tim Allen break his spirit? Also: Joel botches a magic trick, more disturbing Craigslist postings, Cristina Ricci in chains and Martin Lawrence as a biker. All that, and then a funny argument about global warming turns into a blow up that almost becomes a meltdown.
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