It’s a huge week at JoelRadio, so let’s bring back a (ahem) huge guest in Corey Hall. There’s so much to talk about as the Winter Olympics wrap-up, Alice in Wonderland debuts, Jay Leno returns to late-night, and the Oscar race concludes. But the biggest news of the week was the appearance of legendary movie critic Roger Ebert on the Oprah Winfrey show this week. Surviving cancer has left Roger unable to eat, drink or speak, with no lower jaw, lower mouth or tongue. It’s a sight more graphic than anything in The Crazies (reviewed this week!), yet sad and inspirational at the same time. In fact, some brainiacs figured out they build Roger a “voice” from his previous DVD commentaries and TV appearances. Thankfully, Corey and Joel’s years of podcasting should have them covered in such a tragic event, so whatever genius listening to this (Nils!), get working on it! Also, The Marriage Ref debuts, does Seinfeld strike out? Plus, Shutter Island sucks, the history of Mountain Dew, and the funniest thing ever – the secret life of gay Siskel and Ebert (not true, but really funny).
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Ebert as he appeared on Oprah – some things you can’t un-see…