Comics accused of stealing is a big deal in the world of comedy, and this week Joel and his guest comedian Bill Bushart attempt to get to the bottom of the most recent controversy of Amy Schumer being accused of lifting material from the late Patrice O’Neal. Did Amy steal material that seems to been available in the public domain for years? Can you even steal a street joke? The guys look at this issue and Joel’s theory that comedy nerds and their accusations of theft are ruining comedy. Speaking of stealing, Joel spent a week watching the infamous “joke thief” Carlos Mencia working  a comedy club, and had some surprising takeaways. Find out why Joel thinks Carlos was an excellent performer, a shrewd businessman, and why Joe Rogan’s smear videos on Carlos from a few years ago make Joe look like an asshole. Plus, how comedian and 9/11 liar Steve Rannazzisi fits into all this and why his involvement shows that Mencia really has gotten a raw deal. If that wasn’t enough, the guys talk the importance of comedy classes, why it’s great to work gigs in Florida, why opening for big acts kinda sucks, and the night Joel fired Jamie Kennedy. Also, The Walk and The Martian get reviewed and 3D formats get put to the test, Adam Ruins Everything is a show you should watch, and why your comedy “showcase” isn’t helping anybody and a real-world example of why that is.



Amy, Patrice, Carlos, Joel, and Bill. The great comedy festival line-up that will never happen