Every few years Hollywood decides 3-D is poised for a comeback, and touts a “new, better” version of the technology, which has been seen by most as a gimmick. After viewing this years Super Bowl commercials, and a 3-D episode of Chuck on NBC, Corey and Joel are here to say that the technology is back and as bad as ever. Not that there hasn’t been fun 3-D stuff lately (like Beowulf), but from the “where to get the glasses” snafu to an inability to properly ogle the hot blonde from Chuck with the glasses on, this experience was pretty painful. Just as painful were the results of one hosts Super Bowl Bets. While not a complete blowout, one host is swearing off the betting line in the future and you’ll hear why. Also, the full Super Sunday commercial rundown, someone hates Springsteen, Nils sings Mickey Avalon and Superman Returns still sucks.
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This image is actually better than how Chuck looked in 3-D on NBC