Corey Hall is back discussing what happened to Amy Schumer’s career, celebrating recent TV cancellations, and eating more stunt-flavored Oreo cookies. Find out a few good things to stream – and one awful thing – as Joel checks out I Love Dick on Amazon, Tower on Netflix and Handsome: a Netflix Murder Mystery. I Love Dick is more than a clever title, it’s an art-house movie as a TV show and features some great acting and some top shelf nudity, too. The guys also discuss the rise of food trucks, including Joel’s multi-million dollar idea, and learn why Trader Joe’s beats Aldi even thought they they are essentially the same company. Plus, Joel checks out two big indie wrestling shows with the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, and has a funny exchange with superstar Kenny Omega that inspires this week’s episode title. Corey went and had a good time, too, including being spit on by a wrestler and having his view blocked by a 300 lb, giant photographer. It’s a long, funny episode suitable for framing. Enjoy.


There’s either a funny story to these photos or pro wrestlers just don’t like Joel