It’s Golden Globes time again, and while we love movies, we really watch to check out the chicks. So listen, as Joel gives his “who’s hot”, “who’s not”, and “who probably has a penis” awards. It’s a complete and comprehensive lists of the hotties, horse-faces and old bags of Hollywood. Which host would would give the Ugly Betty girl a good schtup? It might surprise you. We also attempt to cover the universe’s other big mystery – why do girls love to text message? It’s unbelievable, but it might be that women have actually found something they like to do more than talk. And it sucks for guys ’cause any female friend, ex-girlfriend, or drunken whore will get your ass in trouble with a poorly-timed “What’s Up?” text. Can you bitches just stop it? Also, Blockbuster shakes down Joel for Gears of War, Martin Scorcese talks fast and says nothing, Joel meets Reagan, Corey meets Clinton, and Steve Jobs can shove his $600 phone up his ass.
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