It’s now 2012, but Joel and Corey have no problem living in the past. Hence, a re-cap of the best and worst programming that illuminated the boob tube in 2011. The lists are really dissimilar too, as the guys only agreed that one comedy show was worthy of both of their Top 10s. Joel’s list is more premium-cable heavy, while Corey leans towards more eclectic basic cable fare, including a show that was recently resurrected after being cancelled more than a decade ago. The worst shows include lots of housewives, cooking, news pundits, hoggers, loggers, and, more than anything else, two obnoxious women who are financially challenged. Plus, Corey preps for his off off Broadway debut in the one-man show, The Vic Tayback Experience.

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Imagine Corey running Mel’s Diner, it’s easy if you try….