You think there’s be some cheap joke for show #69, but there isn’t. In fact, there’s some serious business to take care of on this show, namely previewing the new fall TV season. In fact, they’ve created a game out of it, and you can play along. Like comedian, Matt McClowry, who joins the show to add his insights, handicap the favorites and stare blankly into space. Actually, Matt’s a hilarious comic and there’s of material in this year’s crop of new shows, like time-traveling plus dinosaurs on Terra Nova, the dumbest reality concept ever in H8R, and the horror of NBC’s shove-it-down-your-throat new sitcom, Whitney. The guys make their predictions on which is the first show to get the axe, which ones return for 2012, and one that Joel thinks will still be in on 2045. Plus, a summer super hero movie summary, of which Matt only saw one!

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