It’s been a long time since Joel met this week’s guest, Hailey Zureich. So long, in fact, that Hailey can’t even remember. Joel, however remembers how his invitation to improv people to do his comedy show let to a long time friendship. Hailey is surprised to find out that they went to the same high school, and though many years apart, both were bullied as kids and you’ll hear their stories of childhood trauma and ultimate redemption. You’ll also hear Hailey’s plan for her own podcast, her passion for yoga (and why Joel can’t bring himself to do it), and what it was like for both of them to grow up with weird names. Hailey’s a unique, delightful, and extremely positive person – basically the complete opposite of Joel! Plus, hear Joel’s farewell to the late Charlie Murphy, as he shares a wild, funny story about his one night hanging out with the star – not dissimilar to Charlie’s own celebrity stories that made him so famous. RIP funnyman.