On this show, Joel welcomes in 2010 by telling you all about his recent illness, the embarrassing way in which he got it, and how you can avoid it. The upside of extreme weight loss was no match for the feverish shaking, frequent trips to the bathroom and disgusting remedies that the recovery called for. It’s a cautionary tale of a fat man’s indulgences that nearly killed him, and was one of the worst 10-day periods in Joel’s life. But it still might be better than how NBC has treated Conan O’Brien of late. Seems Coco is getting the shaft by NBC, and despite his visual support of the funnyman, Joel believes NBC might be doing the right thing by re-hiring Jay Leno for 11:30. The full breakdown, including why David Letterman’s penis might be to blame for Conan’s sacking! Really! You must listen! Plus, Simon Cowell leaves American Idol, and the press misses the huge potential ramification for crappy music everywhere.
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