A moment we had all looked forward to (or feared) took place this week, as the the new Jay Leno Show premiered on NBC. Whether seen as a savior of NBC, or a backstabber to Conan, Jay’s debut has garnered strong opinions from many, including writer and former podcasting superstar Corey Hall. Corey gets out of his rocking chair to explain why Jay’s return is bad for TV, why he hates Taylor Swift, and why he still hasn’t seen The Hangover. Listen as Joel plays all the “highlights” of Jay’s first show, including Jerry Seinfeld scoring big, The Dan Band overexposed and Kanye West actually out-douching Jay. Plus, Steve Sabo leaves the road to predict UFC 103, Joel’s Beatles acquisitions make him a happy man, and Patrick Swayze dies alongside Joel’s hopes for winning the Death Pool.
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