Q: What happens when The Replacements, a critically-acclaimed and influential band reunites for the first show in 22 years and your host and founder travels hours to attend? A: Spend the majority of the show discussing a performance of 90s has-been rapper MC Hammer. That’s life on Joel Radio. As Joel traveled to see his favorite band from the 80s, John Tenney saw Hammer perform at a local free street fair. And while his knowledge of his setlist leaves something to be desired, John seems to have a good time all things considered. Hear Hammer’s more-impressive-than-you-remember back catalog and hear Joel’s memories of meeting the man himself a few year’s back. And why not more Replacements talk? Seems Corey could put up with the discussion of the opening acts (Rocket From the Crypt, Iggy and The Stooges), but when Joel discusses the band’s performance itself and the mecca it was for their fans, Corey protests and says “no one cares” – this despite incredible enthusiasm from the mainstream press, and the fact that it’s Joel’s own fucking show. Corey’s protests evolve in to a huge fight, an on-air “firing” of Corey by Joel, and a huge smile across Tenney’s face. As entertaining as these fights are, the guys get on the same page for the rest of the show, including a discussion of this fall’s new sitcoms, the outrage over Miley and her twerks, John’s continuing battles as an open mike comedian, MC Sampler getting “No Views”, and discussion of this year’s biggest movie hits and flops and the star who might be considered the new queen of the box office. Lord help us.



At least you can see The Replacements in Toronto, if Corey won’t let you hear about them…..


And MC Sampler continues to get no views, even with the help of Tenney