Joel’s secret life as ICP’s Upchuck tha Clown has gotten more bizarre as the years have gone by. This time the weirdness is brought to you by Robin Williams, Community creator Dan Harmon and Bobcat Goldthwait. Not unlike the clip from show #103 , Bobcat did a podcast appearance, this time on Dan Harmon’s Harmontown. Bobcat recaps his Gathering of the Juggalos experience, the violence that befell Joel, all the while Robin does his best Upchuck impersonation and Dan speculates on Upchuck’s potential autobiography. It’s funny stuff like this that Joel and ICP themselves take as an honor. Corey doesn’t feel the same, however, thinking they’re mocking Joel and the debate that follows is most certainly the most heated talk two men have ever had about clowns, cans of soda and a guy named Bobcat. Also, Corey is back from his cross-country road trip, find out where the most boring place in America is, the state of motel cable TV and where strip clubs are banned and where they flourish. Plus, Joel and Corey’s movie and Blu-ray round-up, as G.I. Joe returns, The Replacements get documented, and Joel watches a movie just for his favorite hot actress. This sparks the guys’ ridiculous lists of movie crushes past, present and future. and those are some lists – some sad, pervy lists.



We’re guessing Robin looked like something like this doing his Upchuck impression