Joel welcomes old friend Mike Stanley for a sit-down interview discussing Mike’s career. Highlights including sneaking into comedy clubs underage, starting at Joel’s open mike, the big move to Chicago and the bigger move to L.A., recording your own comedy album, and the challenges and rewards of producing your own comedy show. Mike describes the rewards of commercial acting and how he was very close to being the voice of a national restaurant chain, until that chain decided not to be national. Also, Mike discusses how he was the last comedian to perform at a closing comedy and how the scumbag owners deceived himself and the staff – on New Year’s Eve, no less! Plus, Joel and Mike talk diet and exercise – a foreign concept to most comedians, for sure. We’d plug Mike’s Twitter, but he’s banned for the dumbest and most righteous reason of all time. Instead, check out the Detroit Comedy Underground Facebook page, and look for Joel’s debut at the show on April 9th, 2017!


Mike’s comedy album, Shiner……..

….and the picture from when Mike really injured himself jumping off the stage at Club Bart in 2005