Drè Murray is is one of the funniest guys you’ll ever see onstage or off. Joel and he met on 910 AM radio in Detroit and have become fast friends. Drè sits down on the podcast to talk his career, how he moved to Detroit from the East coast, his thoughts on the current comedy scene and much more. Drè has opinions on interracial dating, the current Dave Chappelle controversy, and why Shake Shack is overrated. Joel is pressured into doing a Jimmy Walker impression, shares his experience of accidentally pulling off girls’ wigs, and explains why being an angry New Yorker is both a survival instinct and quite therapeutic. Also, the future of Detroit and the downtown vs neighborhoods fight, remembering the great Chuck Berry, and Drè’s explanation of how Hillary Clinton was treated like a black woman. Plus, Joel sees the incredible Circus 1903 and you should, too.


Drè poses with his (partial) payment for doing the show