Hollywood has been rocked by sexual indiscretion this past week and Joel and Corey Hall attempt to make some sense of the whole thing. It’s a difficult and not-easy-to-be-funny-about topic but as Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Spacey and others lose their places in show business, the guys try to find a common denominator and agree that not all sexual misconduct is created equal. Joel tells you why he knew most of these stories before and which celebrities might be getting in trouble in the future. Apologies for the heady subject matter – the Louis story broke while the show was being recorded! Also, Larry David: bad comic, bad taste, or both? Plus, Joel thinks the new Thor is good, mostly due to the director, Stranger Things returns and the debate about binge-watching vs watching once a week, George Clooney’s movie is a mess, Ric Flair’s documentary is worth a look, and Joel gets all the new video games.


Harvey Weinstein’s wet dream – if you don’t get it, listen to the episode!