Comedians come up with a lot of bad ideas. But they’ll also do anything for a joke. One such example is today’s guest, Ted Moss, and his idea for a low-budget, unplanned RV comedy tour and web series, The Broke N Road Comedy Tour. Ted and another comic, Billy Reno, will travel all over the US this winter and perform comedy anywhere people will have them – clubs, rest areas, RV parks, you name it. Joel thinks this is a terrible idea, even if he likes both comics a lot. Money? Food? Sex? Who’s taping the videos? Ted, ever the salesman, has an answer for everything and thinks the tour will be a smashing success. Or, at least ,he’ll find a vacation home. It’s always entertaining listening to Ted! Also, Joel’s wrestling pilgrimages continue as he travels to Ring of Honor in Chicago, where he had a front row seat and even wrote an airport love letter to a wrestler, because the show was so good. Plus, Blade Runner 2049 lives up to the hype, Alien: Covenant is a good one of those, Nathan For You is fantastic and funny, and find out why Joel won’t watch comedy on TV and why he doesn’t miss working the road.


Billy and Ted break the #1 tour rule – never drink from a bottle!