Joel survives a credit card calamity and a water main break to bring you this show where he and Corey Hall discuss a new Academy Award for “popular picture”.  This seems redundant at best and idiotic at worst. Is this just a way to award Black Panther but not really award Black Panther? The guys discuss all the possibilities, including how the Tonys handle stuff like this, how to make the show move faster and other things they maybe don’t care about but can talk about for days. Like which Designing Woman cast member would have liked to sleep with? It’s a 1980s TV and movie rabbit-hole involving Meshach Taylor, Meatballs sequels, The Facts of Life cast and an obscure actress from Major Dad. Get your image search ready! Plus, Corey gets a new Oreo flavor for his birthday, Eighth Grade gets reviewed again and doesn’t do as well, the movie Tully almost works completely except for the last three minutes, and what if people showed up to vote and there were no ballots? What would you do? Call Corey!


Which woman would you most like to design with? Choose wisely guys, choose wisely.