Joel Radio returns with news of comedians getting fired, as Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale lost their shows on Netflix. Joel (Fragomeni) explains why basic cable stars don’t translate to an on-demand service and why late-night TV died with the loss of Leno and Letterman. Corey Hall thinks Trevor Noah was a bad hire, too and feels like that genre is losing its punch overall. Two comics criticize those richer and more famous than them – what a show! Also, Joel visits Niagara Falls and drives the amazing Niagara Speedway while eating ice cream with white trash of all colors and trying not to get eaten by a tiger at a magic show – what a trip! Plus, Sharp Objects ends and Corey can tell you it sucked without seeing it (it didn’t), Magic for Humans is really great, Matt Groening’s Disenchantment is better than it should be, and The Package is the dumbest thing ever. RIP Aretha and McCain  – we never met and wouldn’t have liked you if we did.


America needs to make its Kit Kats great again