Joel and Corey Hall have some big shows coming up as Corey appears with The Amazing Johnathan, and Joel opens for Roseanne Barr. Hear about Joel’s preparations and the wacky open mikes he’s doing to get ready for this big show. He also considers the controversy around Roseanne, takes advice from other comics and thinks it’s ultimately a good opportunity. Is he right? Listen to find out. Also, the usually funny Nick DiPaolo is controversial for something really dumb but the guys aren’t surprised. Plus, Chewbacca actor Peter Mahew dies, The Act on Hulu brings back the 90’s hottest actresses as frumpy moms, Long Shot is better than you’d think, more Avengers fallout, and The Dark Side of the Ring is the true crime take on wrestling that you’ve been waiting for.

Chewie gets his paws on Leia. RIP Peter Mayhew